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About Us

Our Mission:

A global volunteer organization that provides women and girls with access to the education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment.


Our Vision:

Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams.


2021-2022, The Year of Resilience


2021-2022 Board of Directors

Denise U. Yusuff, President

Barbara Moran, Vice President of Membership

Vi Davis, Vice President of Programs

Deana Ward, Treasurer

Mayra Galeano, Recording Secretary

Latrice Orantes, Corresponding Secretary

Rachel Valdez, Past President

New Board.jpg

Our Amazing Members

Regeania Rose-Johnson

Jodie Shephard-Troth

Gabriela Godde

Sandra Johnson

Lily Knight

Helen Mayol

Kimberly Norris

Shawny Barcelona

Kathy MacLaren

Michelle Dannenfelser

Amy Brower

Chartering Year 2019-2020

Board of Directors

Rachel Valdez, President

Noelle Zuaro, Vice President

Lily Knight, Vice President of Membership

Michelle Dannenfelser, Treasurer

Deana Ward, Treasurer-Elect

Amy Brouwer, Recording Secretary

Kimberly Norris, Director

Gabrielle Godde, Director

Shawny Barcelona, Director

Jodie Shepherd-Troth, Director

Krystal Sawyer, Director

Honorary Members

Sandra Johnson

Helen (Lena) Mayol

Rhonda Camacho

Chartering Members

Erika Alverdi

Elizabeth Ballentine

Cathy Boyd

Veronica Cacho

Samantha Camacho-Sanchez

Lyndsie Crowell

Wendy Cullen

Donna Dannenfelser

Sylvia Duarte

Lindsay Gocke

Linda Holmquist

Rita Husbans

Shelly Joseph

Victoria Means

Amanda Meiser

Rocio Montagner

Esperanza Marroquin

Consuelo Paredes

Andrea Perovich

Regeania Rose-Johnson

Gina Rossall

Shannon Rossall-Bennett

Martha Santiago

Norma Valdez

Melissa Vattioni

Christine Ward

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